Body care

Body care

Intralipotherapy with Aqualix to eliminate localized fat

This treatment is recommended both for men and women who want to lose some bothersome extra centimeters without undergoing surgery..

Aqualyx, what is its main benefit?

Aqualyx is a biocompatible gelatin-based aqueous solution which is an acid found in human bile. Its main function is to eliminate localized fat deposits by destroying adipocytes (fat cells) without having to undergo surgery. It is a reabsorbible solution, which eliminates localized fat deposits which do not disappear when losing weight. .

It is not a weight-loss treatment fighting against overweight or obesity, it is particularly suitable for eliminating localized adiposities. The most common areas are the abdomen, hips, thighs, knees and arms.


How is it performed?

The product is infiltrated with an extra-thin needle with a single stick directly into the adipose tissue (a technique called intra lipotherapy). It liquefies adipocytes and lipids are disposed of naturally through the lymph system. In order to achieve optimal results and depending on each patient and on medical recommendation, at least 3 sessions 3-4 weeks apart will be necessary.


When are results evident?

Results start to be evident from the first or second session depending on the patient and the treatment area.


How long does it take?

The session is approximately 30 minutes long. The product is applied on an outpatient basis and no anaesthetic is required. Once the treatment is over, it is advisable to use compression devices (stockings or garment) and follow your doctor's advice.


Are there any contraindications?

This treatment is not indicated for pregnant and breast-feeding women or persons suffering from infectious diseases either acute or chronic and serious conditions such as heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease and diabetes.

Body Mesotherapy

Este tratamiento consiste en la aplicación de microinyecciones a través de una fina aguja, apenas se puede notar una leve molestia con el pinchazo. Se aplica en varias sesiones percibiéndose, de forma progresiva un resultado espectacular. La administración subcutánea o intradermica de pequeñas cantidades de medicamentos para el tratamiento de diversas patologías. Los medicamentos pueden ser alopáticos u homeopáticos, estos últimos brindan mayores garantías al permitir un tratamiento personalizado, carecer de efectos colaterales y no producir reacciones alérgicas. Por otra parte, la administración de estas sustancias en puntos de acupuntura, potencia su eficacia terapéutica.

Los medicamentos homeopáticos utilizados tienden a estimular la capacidad de reacción endógena del organismo y pueden ser aplicados con muy buenos resultados en el tratamiento de la celulitis, las adiposidades localizadas y como complemento en los tratamientos de adelgazamiento.


Con esta técnica se logran tres acciones fundamentales:

  • Celular: actuamos sobre el adipocito estimulando la liberación de su contenido en grasa
  • Vascular: favoreciendo la microcirculación local y sistémica
  • Linfática: favoreciendo el drenaje linfático de las toxinas acumuladas


This treatment involves the application of microinjections with a thin needle. You will feel a slight pin prick. It is applied in several sessions and an amazing result can be gradually noticed. It involves a subcutaneous and intradermal application of small amounts of medicinal products to treat several conditions.

Medicinal products can either be allopathic or homeopathic, the latter offer better guaranties since they allow a personalized treatment, have no side effects and produce no allergic reactions. Additionally, applying these substances on acupuncture points boosts its therapeutic efficacy


The homeopathic medicinal products used tend to stimulate our organism's capacity to produce an endogenous response and can be applied with very good results to treat cellulite, localized fat deposits and as a complement to weight-loss treatments


The main therapeutic effects of mesotherapy over cellulite are::


  • Activates local circulation.
  • Improves skin oxygenation
  • Favors lipolysis or fat mobilization (fat burn).
  • Favors permeability of fat cells' wall.
  • Firms tissues.

In cellulite, mesotherapy has proved clearly its efficacy, its effects are quick and long-lasting (although not permanent). The application average is 10-15 sessions (1 weekly session) 15-30 minutes long, although it may vary depending on the treatment area, cellulite type and evolution time. Once the initial treatment is over, periodical booster doses are recommended (generally monthly). Mesotherapy must be applied by specialized health professionals and under medical supervision. It may be used as a sole treatment or in combination with other treatments. Specifically,the combination with treatments such as Carboxiterapia offers better results than those obtained by the same treatments separately. It is indicated for hard cellulite cases and on any part of the body (buttocks, abdomen, arms, thighs, etc.)


Body carboxiyherapy

The carboxytherapy is the percutaneous and subcutaneous application of carbon dioxide with therapeutic and aesthetic purposes. The application of CO2 is made with a piece of equipment able of controlling the gas volume (cm3) with a constant pressure during an established period of time. The gas must be of anaerobic medicinal type, with a 99.9% of purity. This therapy has been used since 1930 at the thermals of Royat, France, where the beneficial effect of CO2 produced by thermal waters was discovered. There, a group of cardiologists started to use the technique to treat peripheral, organic and functional arthropaties and in Argentina, Dr. Dicio talks about subcutaneous carbon dioxide. In 1953, Dr. Jean Bapriste Romuef published a work with 20 years of experience on the application of subcutanean CO2. Today, the carboxytherapy technique has been improved through an equipment that can distribute CO2 in a controlled way (gas doses and distribution) and the methodology has been introduced in aesthetics medicine for the treatment of cellulite, localized adiposity, the reduction of stretch marks and flaccidity

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