Blemish and tattoo removal

Blemish and tattoo removal

Affinity QS is a high-powered, Q-switch (532 nm) and Neodymium:YAG (1064 nm). It lets you choose the most effective wavelength for treating multi-color tattoos and pigmented lesions. Affinity QS lets you choose the wavelength necessary to obtain an optimal treatment.

Tattoo removal

Tattooing involves depositing pigment particles under the skin. The quantity and depth of these pigments make it impossible to eliminate them with conventional methods.

AFFINITY laser platform generates pulses capable of destroying selectively the pigment allowing our body to dispose of the waste, without producing any skin damage or scarring..

The 1064-nm wavelength is ideal for treating darker tattoos, black or blue, and the 532-nm wavelength treats clear and yellow, orange or red-colored tattoos. All respond positively but their removal speed may vary. Several sessions are necessary (depending on the ink content of the tattoo) for completely removing the tattoo.

It is a slightly painful treatment, quite quick depending on the depth and quantity of pigments to be removed and, if necessary, anesthetic cream is applied previously to avoid any chance of pain.


Pigmented lesions

Sun exposure and aging favors the appearance of dark spots on the skin, especially on those areas which are most exposed, such as the face, cleavage or back of the hand..

These pigmented lesions, such as solar lentigines, Nevus de Ota or Nevus de Ito, are removed by Q-Switch laser in a quick, effective and almost painless procedure.

Several sessions may be needed depending on the depth of the lesions, however results after the first session are amazing in most cases..

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